Purchase Information:
Friends to buy a remote control helicopter accessories, be sure to confirm their own remote control helicopter models (such as manufacturers,Product model). This information can view the remote control aircraft chassis or brochures, packaging. Not sure they need to purchase Accessories, please contact our mailbox, we have a dedicated technician for your free answer.

Purchase statement:
Please confirm before buying accessories models, all because customers reasons to buy the wrong remote control helicopter accessories, the company does not undertake related responsibilities;
Customers receive the product, have bought the wrong accessories, if you need to be replaced, the Company will give appropriate preferential.

After-sales service:
Any products purchased in the Company, may enjoy the free service provided by the Company, including: product usage tips, accessories and installation Skills and so on. Customers receive the products of the Company, as soon as possible to verify that the product is properly used, if the product quality problems,
Please contact within three days of the Company, the Company will be returned and bear the related costs.

On freight:
According to customer demand, this company can provide the appropriate mode of freight and packaging, as well as provide an invoice. Unless the customer has specified,
Otherwise, the Company will select the shipping method based on the actual situation.

Part of the cargo delivery time introduced:
The DHL :3 --- 5 days, the price is relatively high, very fast.
The Hongkong post air(HKAM) :8 --- 35 days, the general is 25 days, only to introduce weight below 2KG products, and packaging size limit.
Relatively cheap price a little higher than the China post air(CPAM), aging stability than the China post airCPAM. Send accessories.

China post air(CPAM):8 --- 45 days, usually 28 days, only to introduce weight below 2KG products, and packaging size limit. The price is cheaper, more effective instability

CPAP :15 ---- 45 days, usually 30 days, only to receive more than 2KG products. Effectiveness of instability, but the price is cheap.

The EMS :10 --- 18 days, your price, effectiveness and stability.

FEDEX :4 --- 8 days, the price is cheaper than DHL a little bit of high effectiveness.

Please note: As long as the package weight of less than 2KG and small packaging specification products, the Company will be selected by default HKAM.

There are other freight companies, if the customer needs, you can contact us.

It will be sent in 1-2 working days afger your payment.

We will send it to your paypal address. If you want to change address, please send your correct address and phone number to my email shopingdog@gmail.com

If the packages below 0.5kg,we will be shipped via post airmail, it will take about 8-25days to your hand. If the package is about 1~3kg,we will ship via EMS,it will take about 7~15days to your hand.If the package more than 3kg , we will send via DHL. It will take about 3~7days to your hand. All the packages are form China Hongkong.

Package will be sent as a "gift" and declear as less as possible,buyer don't need to pay for "TAX".

After ship, we will send you an E-mail and give you the tracking number.