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MJX F45/F645 Main brushless motor unit KTT Upgrade Main brushless motor for MJX F45 F645 Helicopter

New Brushless Motor System of Helicopter MJX F45 F645

Are you embittered by the short life of F45 original brush motor?

Are you trying to find a best motor for your lovely helicopter F45?

Do you have unsuccessful experience to find the brushless motor for F45?

Now, all has been resolved!

New Brushless Motor System of Helicopter F45

As low as USD $40.99

How to upgrade your helicopter

Before following steps,please prepare some papers to collect the screws!

1.Move 6 screws on both sides of upper metal plate as picture.

2.Divide the helicopter into 2 parts.

3.Move the screws of big gear.

4.Devide the upper part into 3 sections.

5.Continue to move the head cover fixing.

6.Move one of metal plate.

7.Move away the original motor with motor fixing board. 8.Move the other side of metal plate as aboved.fix the brushless motor kit. 8.1.Don't forget to move the bearing to the new kit. 9.All parts"go home"! 10. 11.Move the�receiver from the site. 12.Mount the ESC board on the site as picture. 13.Solder the black wire to the negative input�point of receiver. 14.Fix the receiver board on the site again. 15. 16.Tie the wires. 17.Look,works perfectly!

New Brushless Motor System of Helicopter F45

As low as USD $40.99

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