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MJX F45/F645 Helicopter Yousky7 Six-Channel Simulator-Include 2.4G transmitter function

Yousky7 Six-Channel Simulator(Can control MJX F45/F46/F47/F48 Include Remote control x 1,Manual x 1,PC data cable x 1,Soft ware cd x2)

Usual price:$99
Today only $56.99 Ship worldwide
Yousky7 six-channel simulator

This product upgrade modified by MJX G129 remote control, retained all the features of the original remote control.Perfect remote control, flight simulation combined.

1. Use the MJX Remote control ,The touch feel is so great than other !
2. The left and right hand throttle can switch at any time .This function is unique in the simulator.

3. The data cable use the Air plug.Completely solve the problems when contacting  disconnection trouble.

4.The LCD screen displays various parameters.to experience the hign-end model fun.

5.With 2.4G transmitter function.Have great DIY space to play

 About simulator function:

 There has many Flight Simulator software.Representative of the software,such as :Real Flight G4(Chinese),凤凰 4.0(Chinese),XTR5.0,AROFLY etc. Yousky7 six-channel simulaotr totally support this software.

The most powerful,the most realistic scene,the most practical for model aircraft exericises is the Real Flight  G4,This is also the reason why we choose that software.The left three software,if you guys have interested ,you can install them by yourself.We do not support and consulting service,Thanks again.

 Main function for Simulator:

1.[Spacebar] means key recovery.Make you have a never forgotten aircraft.

2.Select models similar to your own, master control features

For example.Choose the Agusta A109 models, which is similar to the characteristics of the take-off when the MJX F45 also partial to the left, Also need to push the right throttle(left and right side fly throttle) to the right when  take off.Through simulation exercises,it it good for your real flight control.


3.Experience in the flight simulator through Adjust the fine-tune of the remote control., in order to be able to learn from the actual control.

4.The left and right reverse thinking to form a conditioned reflex honed


5.   When the helicopter nose toward the front to make the helicopter fly to the left side, Only to turn the operating lever to the left side ;
      When the helicopter nose to face your own, to make the helicopter fly to the left side,
Only to turn the operating lever to the Right side, so this time control and habits of thinking is exactly the opposite, need much practice to form conditions Reflection, better and more accurately manipulate the live status of the helicopter. This play is also the essence of the model aircraft helicopter.


 The significance of the simulator:

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